Groyne at Blue Anchor Bay

About a month ago, we were lucky enough to spend a weekend with our eldest son and family, at a cottage in Lynmouth, North Devon.  On the way there, we took a scenic route along the coast of North Somerset and I snapped this groyne at Blue Anchor Bay.

Initial thoughts on the image were not promising, but today I was looking for something to try out Silver Efex Pro 2, now that Google have kindly made it a free download.  I stumbled on this one, and found the program pretty user friendly.  I chose one of the presets which gave this ‘grainy’ look, boosted the contrast a little more and arrived at this.

I think it is much more pleasing to my eye that the original colour image.

Groyne at Blue Anchor Bay

Maybe it is an overly simple shot, being no more than a row of old wooden posts, leading off to the water, and eventually to the coast of Wales in the distance.  There are a few Gulls on the shoreline, and the grainy processing has done them no favours, but I still quite like the final result.

There would have been many alternative ways to present this shot that would have proved more attractive to some eyes, perhaps on a different day to my eyes, but this is today’s effort.


6 thoughts on “Groyne at Blue Anchor Bay

  1. Good image, Dave, and I’m intrigued both that you’re using SEP2, which has long been a huge favourite of mine – and that Google us now providing it gratis. Its the basis of nearly all my b/w pictures and I’d hate to be without it. Yes, the way forward is to select a preset that attracts you, and then to bring it to exactly what you want in the manual controls on the right. Go for it! Adrian 🙂

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    • Thanks. I saw it as a bit of a B&W recovery of an uninspiring shot. Knowing all you fans of Silver Efex, it seemed worth a try. I’m glad I did. Just need to practice some more. Expect to see some.


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