Robin Redbreast

I know that Robins are one our most friendly birds, at least where humans are concerned, but this little chap ‘tweeted’ to attract my attention as I was walking past him, just a couple of feet away.  He then continued to sit there as I took a few portraits of him.  This was in the Nothe Gardens at Weymouth a couple of days ago.

Here’s one for the Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend.


I also met a Grey Squirrel that day, who climbed my leg, but as I didn’t have any spare nuts he didn’t hang around for long enough for a photo.

Greater Rhea

I’ve still not got the next Vietnam post ready, so here is another ‘blast from the past’.

This is a Greater Rhea, or Rhea Americana, taken soon after I bought my Olympus E-520.  I call him (or her) Smiler after Smiler in the TV series Last of the Summer Wine.  I thought the expression fitted.

It’s was a bit of a novelty shot with my, at the time, newly acquired 70-300 lens.  Sadly, I didn’t give myself enough DOF to keep its beak sharp.

Greater Rhea - Rhea americana

Olympus E-520, 70-300mm, f5.6, 1/400 sec.