Botswana – Day 5

This trip is coming towards its end.  We have only a couple more days of wildlife viewing to go in Botswana, before we return to Livingston, Zambia for our return flight to the UK.

Day 5 started with another river safari.  Many of the animals will have been seen before but hopefully there are a few new views of even these.  As always, please let me know if you notice that I have identified anything incorrectly. Continue reading

Botswana – Day 4 (Part 7)

Although this trip to Zambia and Botswana was cut by a day because travel arrangements were changed, we still ended up rating it as one of the best tours we have ever done.  This is mainly because of the amount we fitted into each day.  I guess this might not have been true for travellers that were not interested in the wildlife, but then they probably wouldn’t have chosen this tour.  Here we go again for the afternoon/evening game drive today.

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Botswana – Day 4 (Part 6)

This Botswana post covers another flight, this one just a local flight over the Chobe River and floodplains.

After she felt a little poorly on the flight to the Okavango Delta, it may come as a bit of a surprise to hear that I managed to get Dee into an aircraft again on the following day.  This was non negotiable really, as we had already effectively paid for this ‘included’ sightseeing flight.  Dee’s potential motion sickness problem was overcome by everyone agreeing that Dee could sit ‘up front’ with the pilot.  The flight took place after this morning’s river safari and this post includes a few more aerial shots of the Chobe River and surrounding area.

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Botswana – Day 4 (Part 5)

Continuing with Day 4 in Botswana, I have just a few more photos from the morning river safari.

The first three are of the tiny Malachite Kingfisher.  As you can see, I had problems focusing, perhaps because he was so small and had reeds close behind him, and maybe a bit of camera shake as well.

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