Camden Harbour

I have a few moments spare today, so would like to post another image from our recent trip to Maine.

We had a welcome opportunity to head out for the day, a little further up the coast from Freeport, to Camden.  As we left Freeport, the weather was fine but as we approached Camden, the first spots of rain appeared on the windscreen.  As we arrived, the rain became steady so it was time for a coffee (or should I say ‘another coffee’).  I drank a lot of coffee whilst in Maine!  Thankfully, we had remembered an umbrella, so we took a stroll around the harbour.

There are quite a few ‘windjammers’ based in Camden, offering cruises from a couple of hours in the local area, up to a week or more.  I found it quite difficult to get good shots of them, partly because of where they were moored and accessible vantage points, and partly because of the rain and very poor light.  This shot of the ‘Mary Day’ was taken from under the ‘brolly’ and I have taken the liberty of using Photomatix to spice it up a bit.  I hope it has worked.  😕

Camden Harbour Scene
Mary Day, one of the many schooners offering cruises from Camden harbour, Maine.

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