Abstract 4

Maybe not really an abstract?  My excuse for posting it is that I took the shot during our Club ‘Abstract’ evening.  I have also very much changed the colours, using ‘colour temperature’ and ‘saturation’ in Lightroom.  I think this makes the image pretty well conform to the definition of abstract photography.


I hope you approve.


A few weeks ago it was the annual Eggerdon Kite Festival.  This year I had other commitments so I couldn’t go.  I did go last year though, so I thought I would post a few images from then.

A kite festival seems like a great photo opportunity, but I found when I tried to make good images, that it wasn’t that easy.  True there is a lot of colour.  The trouble is that the kites are up there and the people and fun are on the ground.  Wider angle shots that try to take it all in don’t do justice to the kites.  Then there is the movement, which a still camera doesn’t capture, which can be a shame at times.  Well, I opted to leave video to the film makers, so I will have to live with it, and I can.

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