The Solar Eclipse 2015

I didn’t really have any intentions to photograph the recent Solar Eclipse, and as it turned out, this was just as well.  Our home town was fairly densely covered with cloud and mist throughout the period when the eclipse should have been visible.  There were, however, a few opportunities to glimpse this event through very brief gaps in the cloud and mist and here are a couple of shots, just to prove it.

I’d already decided that I needed a 10 stop ND on the camera for safety, and I didn’t really want to use my E-M1, just in case the sun was bright and might damage the sensor.  For this reason, my first shot was with only a 12-60 mm lens, which ND filter fitted.  Much too heavy a crop was required, but it was only a minute or two before the maximum eclipse here so I thought it worth keeping.

Solar Eclipse.  Near optimum timing through mist and cloud.

After that, the fog settled in until about 10-15 minutes before the eclipse was completely over.  There was then a very brief opportunity, by which time I had fitted a longer lens and held the ND filter in front of it.

Solar Eclipse 2, just before it ended.

Not good photos, but at least they remind me that I did see the solar eclipse.