Vietnam – Hanoi 4 – second day, part 2.

This post is a follow on from Hanoi 3 – second day morning tour.  When I looked more closely at the times in the file, I realised that we didn’t get lunch until after the Cyclo tour of the Old Quarter of Hanoi.  That’s where we start in this post. Continue reading

Vietnam – Hanoi 3 – second day part 1

This is our second day in Vietnam and our first full day in Hanoi.  This post will cover the first part of our day’s tour of the city, quite a bit of which was specific to Ho Chi Minh.  I’m not going to write much about him as it is better to refer you to Wikipedia’s page which can be found here.  There is no doubt that Ho Chi Minh, or Uncle Ho as he is popularly known, is still greatly revered by the Vietnamese people. Continue reading

Vietnam – Hanoi 2, Water Puppetry

We are still in our first day in Hanoi, still pretty well jet lagged, and we were told that this afternoon we were off to the famous Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre.  It is well worth following this link to find out a bit more about Water Puppetry in Vietnam.  Very briefly, water puppetry has been fundamental to Vietnamese culture for many, many years.  It has developed from a form of folk art practised in rural areas of the country and in modern times Ho Chi Minh was very keen that it should be adopted as the national art form.  Please read a more detailed account by following the link. Continue reading