Pembrokeshire – 1

This is the Tidal Mill at Carew, in Pembrokeshire.


Close to Carew Castle, it is a great spot for a short and easy circular walk around the estuary, and great for wildlife spotting as well.  This is a ‘hand held’ HDR from three bracketed shots taken about half an hour before sunset.


We’ve just had a week away on the Costa del Sol, and yes we did see some Sol.  There may be a few photos to prove it soon.

In the meantime, here are a couple of attempts to photograph a rather smart car.

I attended a Yeo Photo Group meeting a couple of days ago.  The idea was to find out how to take decent photos of cars.  The event was very well attended, with a BMW Z4 taking the star role.  The high attendance meant that there were a lot of cars parked around the subject, and a lot of tripods and photogs as well.  For me, this immediately presented the problem, with a well polished car as subject, of reflections.  As usual, except when I am intentionally looking for reflections, I often don’t notice them until inspecting the images on the computer.  Even so, there was a ‘horseshoe’ of cars parked around the BMW and I don’t know how I could have avoided the reflections without shooting from a very much higher or lower position, particularly bearing in mind the multitude of contours of the car body.

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An experiment in black and white

In a previous post, ‘Why Blog?‘, I mentioned that one good reason for a blogging presence was the inspiration that can come from reading the posts of other blogging photographers.

One photographer that I find inspiring is Adrian Lewis of FATman Photos.  I found him so inspiring that I decided to follow his blog regularly, though I doubt that I will ever be able to match his talent.  One image that he posted recently was a dramatic black and white silhouette of Glastonbury Tor.  I hope he doesn’t mind me referring to it.

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Demolition HDR

This shows demolition of another building, behind the Western Gazette building that featured in my last post.  Work seemed to stall some time ago, before the Western Gazette building was put up for sale.  I guess that this was because of the current economic climate.  I have no idea what is planned for this site, but it will probably be still more flats with insufficient car parking.

There is also a Black and White version of this picture on my Flickr photostream.

Thanks for the walkabout.

Thanks to the Camera Club walkabout for getting me up to Ham Hill last Monday.  Although I only live a few miles away, and have been in the area for 50 years, amazingly I’ve never actually been over to the War Memorial before.  There was a nice sky, so I took a few shots of the sunset.  I think that, thanks to HDR, it looks even better here than it did on the night.  I know that not everyone will agree though.

Memorial Sunset

I’m still not really happy with the ‘halo’ around the monument.  Perhaps I will try again.  If only I knew how to get the best out of HDR photography.  As with everything, more practice needed.