A Little Bit of Speed – 2

My last post, ‘A Little Bit of Speed – 1‘, tried to depict speed by the use of ‘background blur’.  This image is completely different, and shows the ‘motion blur’ of the subject when the camera is not ‘panned’.  This is also from the same Speed Hillclimb at Gurston Down, and shows one of the entrants accelerating off the start line.


A Little Bit of Speed – 1

I haven’t posted since early May, and I feel very guilty.  I’ve been busy and haven’t had much chance to get near my photos.  Just to make sure that I could still remember how to post, I thought that I had better make some time.

This is a shot that I took at Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb back in June.  It’s one of many, and attempts to depict ‘speed’.  With that in mind, I have given it a little help in post processing, which sadly is probably very obvious.  I’m not much good with Photoshop, still learning, or trying to.


I hope to produce a few more posts soon, but I am still short of time so I’m still not able to read all of the great posts on the blogs that I follow.  Sorry for that.  Things should get better soon.

Wiscombe Park – 4

In my first post about last weekend’s Hillclimb at Wiscombe Park I admitted that my previous visits to that venue had been about 50 years earlier.  I noted how little things had changed over that period.  I can’t really remember, but wonder whether the timing system caravan might have dated from that era.  I’m sure that the timing system itself is much more up to date, but by the look of it, the caravan could have been around when I was last there.  I was impressed by how well, and how quickly, the times were presented to spectators all the way up the course.

Timing Caravan
Timing Caravan
Timing System
Timing system

Does anyone know when the caravan was installed?

Posts 2 and 3 can be found here and here.

Wiscombe Park – 3

In the last couple of posts about last Sunday’s visit to Wiscombe Park, I showed something of the variety of types of car that are used for speed hillclimb competition.  This is another car that interested me.  It is something of a ‘mixed bag’, known as a Kayne Special.  I didn’t get to talk to the owner, so I didn’t get any detail information at the time, but fitted with a Rover V8 motor, it did have one of the largest engines in competition on that day.  I do like large engines in small cars.

First a couple of shots taken in the paddock,

Kayne Special
Kevin Frost’s KMD Sports in the paddock.
Kayne Special
John Biggs’ Kayne Special

and then one on the hill.


Since the weekend, I have done a little ‘googling’, and I have found ‘Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres’, a blog which provided a lot of information about the Kayne Special.  In fact there was a series of three Kayne Specials, designed and built by one Colin Cooper.  The following links, Kayne Special 1, Kayne Special 2 and Kayne Special 3, summarise the story of these cars, leading up to the one, driven by John Biggs, that was seen at Wiscombe Park last weekend.

My thanks to Ralph for providing information which gives some background on the Kayne Special.  I would also recommend his blog to anyone interested in motoring and motorsport as it provides a variety of ‘gems’ of information.