Those Magnificent Men 1

It’s the airshow season, but for a variety of reasons, I haven’t been to one so far this year.  Since I was a boy, I have always been completely captivated by aircraft.  My Dad used to take me to Farnborough Airshow back in the 1950s, aeromodelling was my main hobby as a youngster and I ended up working in the industry for 44 years.  I have, therefore, retained my interest, though perhaps not with quite the enthusiasm that I had when I was younger.  It’s not quite the same when it is work! Continue reading

The end of an era!

The end of an era!
The old Western Gazette building in Yeovil, up for sale 105 years after it was completed.

Since I am still learning about all aspects of WordPress blogging, I thought I would try to see whether I could blog a photo directly from Flickr.

I thought I would try this one of the old Western Gazette building in Yeovil. I took the photo just after it was put on the market in February, No sign of any takers yet. I expect it will become still more ‘flats’ in the end, which will be a real shame.