Vietnam – Hue 5

I feel so bad about failing to complete my posts about our trip to Vietnam in 2008.  As I said in my last post on Vietnam, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remember all of the detail about the trip.  Now that I have worked out how to add ‘galleries’ to posts, this opens the opportunity for me to present some of my photographs with only a few words about the particular area being visited.  Hopefully, this will allow me to complete to story of the tour, albeit not with the detail that I originally intended.  Maybe, if recollections come to me in the future, I will be able to revisit some images again, with a bit more detail.

Let me continue the tour then.  While we were in Hue we also visited the Citadel of Hue Imperial City.  Most of the photos in this gallery are from that visit, with a couple from our lunch break and a couple more from the Perfume River when we returned to the hotel.

I do intend to continue this tour, probably using this ‘gallery’ format and minimal narrative.  I hope you can still enjoy the images.

Thanks for looking and please come back when you can.

Vietnam – Hue 4: The Perfume River

It’s been a while now since my last post on our Vietnam trip.  I really do need to apologise to anyone who had their interest fired up, and then found my Vietnam posts drying up.  This has been purely down to finding enough time to sort through the Vietnam archive and choose what to include, whilst continuing my busy retirement.  In other words, no real excuse.

As I had to say in my last post on the trip, it is getting increasingly difficult to remember all of the day to day details, so there will not be much of a commentary.

During our brief stay in Hue, as well as visiting the the Dong Ba Market, Tu Duc’s Tomb, and the Thien Mu Pagoda, we were also able to enjoy a Dragon Boat Cruise on the Perfume River.

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Vietnam – Hue 1

My last post was primarily about Ha Long Bay.  Afterwards we travelled back to Hanoi for the night, before rising early for our first internal flight, to Hue.  All together we were to do three internal flights during this tour.  Without these flights we would have spent much additional time travelling by coach or train, rather than experiencing the country of Vietnam.  As it turned out, the internal flight was pretty quick, with little time being wasted at the airports.  We were sightseeing again by quite early in the morning. Continue reading