River Thames Walk – A New Start to my Photo Musings

I’ve been away for a very long time. Many of my images have been held on Flickr, but I am reviewing whether I can continue to afford my subscription. I have, therefore, been investigating alternatives. I’ve republished this post using one of those alternatives. Being away from WordPress for so long hasn’t helped and nor has being poorly for a bit.

It’s been a long time since my last post, a very long time at nearly a full year (now much more).  It seems to have been difficult to find the time.  To be fair, we have been quite busy, with other priorities and this state will continue for a while.  I have, however, always enjoyed blogging and intend to carry on.  I can only hope that some of my blogging friends are still out there, and spot my attempt at a restart.

I’m not going to spend too long on this post, otherwise I may not get going again.

This is just a few of the shots that I took along the south bank of the Thames when Dee and I visited our youngest son back in January.  I won’t, on this occasion, write about the images.  I’m just trying to remember how to produce a blog post, and WordPress have changed things a bit!

Under Tower Bridge
Walking the Dog
Sharp Building
The way to St Paul’s
Across the River
Across the River (B&W)
Home Sweet Home
Pilgrim Father
London Skyline
Bridging the Thames
Lines & Grids

This was just for practice.  I will blog again soon.

Fisheye Fun – 5

One serious problem with ‘fisheye’ photos is the difficulty of keeping unwanted elements out of the eventual image.  Since I’ve had this lens, I have taken numerous closeup pictures of fingers, thumbs, and camera straps, but I am now getting the hang of it.

The lens is still fun at the moment.  The Lloyd’s Building seemed to be crying out for attention when on a recent walk in London.  The only unwanted element in this one was a car parked in the lower right.  The clone tool fixed this!

Largely Lloyds

I had to decide whether to make this a Monochrome Moment or a bit of Fisheye Fun.  I thought Fisheye ruled for this one.

Monochrome Moments – 2

The next one in this series is also from our walk around London at the end of October.  Having walked through the City, we were returning to the South Bank over the Millenium Bridge.  Having just fitted my Samyang Fisheye, I thought it would be worth a bit of a ‘panorama’ looking downstream towards The Shard.  I guess that I could have used this image in the Fisheye Fun series, but having done a mono conversion, I thought that this series might be more appropriate.

Although it is not so far, the fisheye lens makes Tower Bridge appear miles away.  The B&W conversion was done by ‘fiddling around’ in Topaz B&W Effects.  I can’t remember the actual adjustments now.

From The Millenium Bridge

I guess that if I could have worked out how to do it, this could have been an entry into the five days black and white challenge suggested by Mike Osborn in his comment to my Monochrome Moments – 1.  I may just go ahead and post a few more on a daily basis anyway.

Monochrome Moments – 1

I’ve been dabbling more and more with B&W conversions of my photos.  I really like the way it can transform shots taken on a gloomy day, but I also find that removal of the distraction of colour can often allow a better appreciation of the picture.  I’m beginning to think that almost any picture can make a good B&W image, although bold shapes, patterns, textures and strong contrast produce the best.

In the future, I will probably post a fair few monochrome images.  This is the first of my Monochrome Moments. It was snapped when walking past 20 Fenchurch street, otherwise known as the Walkie Talkie building, in the City of London.

The Walkie Talkie

In this image, we have mainly shapes, lines and texture.  The texture is provided by the ‘sunshade’, introduced since the ‘solar glare’ off the south face of the original building was responsible for melting parts of the bodywork of a number of cars.

Actually, this B&W version is not so different from the original colour shot, which looked pretty monochrome on that day.

Tower Bridge

I’m embarrassed.  I feel really bad.  I shouldn’t write this post.  I hope I don’t offend anyone.  Sorry!

I’ve just been reading some of the recent photography blogs on dear old WordPress and I spotted one with a photo of a well known bridge in London, which is actually called Tower Bridge.

Just thought I would take this opportunity to post another picture of Tower Bridge, which isn’t falling down either.

Sincere apologies to the other blogger.

The Bermondsey Street Festival 2011

Last weekend, Dee and I went up to London to visit the Bermondsey Street Festival.  We did this partly to support our son Greg, who had been a member of the organising committee, with responsibility for the event website, where you can see all the good things that were going on.  With Bermondsey Street closed to traffic and things going on in the square and the park, as well as three music and performance stages, I have to say that it must have taken some organising.

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