Two Lights

This is another shot from Maine.  It was taken from a spot on the rocks near to the Two Lights State Park, just south of Portland.  It’s not far from the Portland Lighthouse, seen in an earlier post.

Out to Sea
Tourists looking out to sea from the rocks close to the Two Lights State Park, Maine

I think what took me about these rocks, was their similarity to some of the slate found in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where we had recently enjoyed a short holiday.  I haven’t really captured the rather wild elements of the weather that can be found here, even though it was quite breezy.  If you look closely though, just to the left of the couple on the rocks, you will spot that the image is a little blurred.  It wasn’t a camera problem.  It was actually a mist caused by the spray blowing off the crests of the surf.  Honest!

Maybe I will manage to get a few more images from Pembrokeshire posted soon.  One, of St Davids Cathedral can be found here.

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Camden Harbour

I have a few moments spare today, so would like to post another image from our recent trip to Maine.

We had a welcome opportunity to head out for the day, a little further up the coast from Freeport, to Camden.  As we left Freeport, the weather was fine but as we approached Camden, the first spots of rain appeared on the windscreen.  As we arrived, the rain became steady so it was time for a coffee (or should I say ‘another coffee’).  I drank a lot of coffee whilst in Maine!  Thankfully, we had remembered an umbrella, so we took a stroll around the harbour.

There are quite a few ‘windjammers’ based in Camden, offering cruises from a couple of hours in the local area, up to a week or more.  I found it quite difficult to get good shots of them, partly because of where they were moored and accessible vantage points, and partly because of the rain and very poor light.  This shot of the ‘Mary Day’ was taken from under the ‘brolly’ and I have taken the liberty of using Photomatix to spice it up a bit.  I hope it has worked.  😕

Camden Harbour Scene
Mary Day, one of the many schooners offering cruises from Camden harbour, Maine.

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The Dock

While we were in Maine last month, I didn’t actually manage to do very much photography, at least when compared with other visits.  I expect that I can find a few shots that I quite like though, and will try to show them over the coming months.

Here are a couple from Winslow Park, Freeport.  Winslow Park has the beach which my granddaughters frequent whenever the weather is good.

Winslow Park 2
Winslow Park
Winslow Park

A couple more shots from this year’s visit to Maine can be found here.

Portland Lighthouse

No, not at Portland Bill in Dorset.  This one is at Portland Head in Maine, USA.

We have been away from home quite a bit recently and I have fallen well behind in both blogging and following the posts of those that I follow.  I’m sorry for this and hopefully I will be more active from now.

Our last trip was to Maine, to visit our oldest son where lives with his family.  Whilst there we took an outing to Fort Williams Park, just south of Portland, ME, and it was here that I snapped these shots of the Portland Head Light.

Portland Head Light, Maine
Portland Head Light, Maine

This lighthouse claims to be the oldest on the coast of Maine, entering use in January, 1791.  There are some great views over Casco Bay from this headland and it is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

I wish that …….

It was our granddaughter Grace’s 11th birthday while we were visiting them in Maine, New England recently.  She had a ‘sleepover’ party with some of her friends and one of the ‘events’ of the evening was to launch some Chinese Wish Lanterns.  Thankfully it had rained a fair bit during the previous hours, so this alleviated our fears somewhat, of setting fire to large swathes of forest in the area.  The wind was also blowing out to sea.   Needless to say, I tried to capture some images of the event for posterity.  I think this one, with a launch hand releasing the lantern may be my favourite.

I wish that …..
Chinese Wish Lantern being released during oldest grand-daughter’s birthday party.

We didn’t hear any fire trucks afterwards.

Early Fall View from Bradbury Mountain

Whilst in Maine last month, we took a family hike up Bradbury Mountain, which is conveniently close to Freeport.  Actually, mountain is a bit of a misnomer, as the peak is only 469 feet above sea level and the altitude gained during the walk from the car park is nearer to 200 feet.  Still, Bradbury Mountain State Park is really great for a family walk with children.

We had a great walk with the family and this is one of the views from the ‘mountain’.

Bradbury State Park

The fall colours are just starting to develop.

Freeport Funghi

While we were visiting the Granddaughters in the US earlier this month, we went to watch the 7 year old twins playing in a football match, sorry, soccer match.  While we were waiting for the game to start, I was quite taken by the number of toadstools growing in the rather wet grass around the pitch.

I chose this little group for a photo.


House with a view

We recently spent a very pleasant couple of weeks visiting our son and his family in Freeport, Maine.  It turned out that we were a bit early for the best of the ‘leaf peeping’ season, the timing of which is pretty difficult to predict accurately.  The colours were slowly starting to appear, but were not great during the period that we were there.  Never mind, we had a good time anyway.

They live on the top of a hill with some great views, so although there was a lack of colour while we were there, I thought I would post some shots of the view from their deck.  Here is the first one, taken soon after we arrived.

Neil's View Continue reading

Red Sky in the Morning, Shepherd’s Warning

I’m publishing this quick post after about 33 hours of wakefulness, well maybe 32 hours because I may have grabbed 1 hour on the plane, returning from Maine.  I have already posted one sunrise from the deck outside my son’s bedroom, which can be seen here.  This second sunrise was the next morning and was quite different, but equally spectacular, so I thought I would post this one as well.

Freeport Sunrise

Actually, the weather wasn’t too bad on this day, though overall we did have a fair bit of rain.