A Little Bit of Speed – 2

My last post, ‘A Little Bit of Speed – 1‘, tried to depict speed by the use of ‘background blur’.  This image is completely different, and shows the ‘motion blur’ of the subject when the camera is not ‘panned’.  This is also from the same Speed Hillclimb at Gurston Down, and shows one of the entrants accelerating off the start line.


A Little Bit of Speed – 1

I haven’t posted since early May, and I feel very guilty.  I’ve been busy and haven’t had much chance to get near my photos.  Just to make sure that I could still remember how to post, I thought that I had better make some time.

This is a shot that I took at Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb back in June.  It’s one of many, and attempts to depict ‘speed’.  With that in mind, I have given it a little help in post processing, which sadly is probably very obvious.  I’m not much good with Photoshop, still learning, or trying to.


I hope to produce a few more posts soon, but I am still short of time so I’m still not able to read all of the great posts on the blogs that I follow.  Sorry for that.  Things should get better soon.

Wiscombe Park – 3

In the last couple of posts about last Sunday’s visit to Wiscombe Park, I showed something of the variety of types of car that are used for speed hillclimb competition.  This is another car that interested me.  It is something of a ‘mixed bag’, known as a Kayne Special.  I didn’t get to talk to the owner, so I didn’t get any detail information at the time, but fitted with a Rover V8 motor, it did have one of the largest engines in competition on that day.  I do like large engines in small cars.

First a couple of shots taken in the paddock,

Kayne Special
Kevin Frost’s KMD Sports in the paddock.
Kayne Special
John Biggs’ Kayne Special

and then one on the hill.


Since the weekend, I have done a little ‘googling’, and I have found ‘Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres’, a blog which provided a lot of information about the Kayne Special.  In fact there was a series of three Kayne Specials, designed and built by one Colin Cooper.  The following links, Kayne Special 1, Kayne Special 2 and Kayne Special 3, summarise the story of these cars, leading up to the one, driven by John Biggs, that was seen at Wiscombe Park last weekend.

My thanks to Ralph for providing information which gives some background on the Kayne Special.  I would also recommend his blog to anyone interested in motoring and motorsport as it provides a variety of ‘gems’ of information.


Wiscombe Park – 2

If you can’t afford a Cooper T65 like the one in my last post, it is still possible to have a lot of Hill Climb fun in a road going vehicle like Tim Cartledge’s Series Production Ford Puma, shown below,

1700cc Ford Puma of Tim Cartledge negotiating Martini at Wiscombe Park.

or maybe in an Austin Mini Cooper S like this one driven by David Nutland.

Austin Cooper S exiting Martini Hairpin at Wiscombe Park

I’ll post some more soon.

Wiscombe Park – 1

Anyone who has spotted my earlier post on the GT1 Championship event at Silverstone in 2011, may remember that I have been interested in motorsport since an early age.  Well, last week, whilst taking my wife for a day out in Exeter, we passed an AA road sign directing traffic to a Hill Climb event at Wiscombe Park, in Devon.  Since that was the very venue that helped develop my interest in motorsport, I thought that it might be good to revisit last Sunday, as long as the weather wasn’t too bad.  Studies of all the weather forecasting options suggested that it would be mainly dry but cold, so we decided to go.

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Silverstone 2011 Revisited – 4

It’s the end of January and way past time that I wished everyone a belated Happy New Year.

Somehow the New Year has been keeping me pretty busy, so I’ve not had much time for posting or even reading everyone’s New Year offerings.  This has been exacerbated by a string of computer problems which have been beyond my understanding.  However, so far I have survived and this post is just to prove that I am still here, and hoping to continue this blog through 2013.

I’ve chosen an image that was already on Flickr, continuing my Silverstone 2011 Revisited series a little further.

Lamborghini Rear Quarter
Lamborghini Super Trofeo

Another shot from the 2011 GT1 Championship event at Silverstone.  Shiny cars which are beyond my reach always appeal to me.  This Lamborghini rear quarter may tantalise the desires of a few petrol heads, but I think I would still prefer something a little more down to earth.

Silverstone 2011 Revisited – 1

I know that I should be out taking new photographs, but during a few free moments I’ve just been looking back through some photos from over a year ago, when I was lucky enough to attend the GT1 Championships at Silverstone.  I did post a few images then, which can be found here, but there were quite a few that were not posted, and my ideas for post processing and presentation have changed a bit since that time.

Since my interest in motorsport will always be with me, I may pop in a few new images from that meet.

First, here is a shot of the Super Trofeo lead car for the supporting Lamborghini races, which I took in the paddock.  I have cropped it more tightly than in my original, unposted shot and boosted the contrast and saturation a bit.  If only I could have avoided the ‘self portrait’!  Photoshop I hear you say?  Maybe.

I like it better but suspect that there is still scope for cropping it even tighter.


I think there may be some more to come.

Silverstone GT1 Championship 5 June 2011

I am going to digress from my Cuba story briefly, to cover another of this year’s highlights.  Just a few days before the event, my brother-in-law asked whether I would like to go with him to the FIA GT1 Championship at Silverstone.  I’ve been very interested in motor sport since I was a youngster, and that’s a long time!  The background was that he had acquired via his neighbour, invitations from the Nissan teams of SumoPower and JRM for two people to attend on 5th June .  These invitations included a Grid Walk and the temptation was too much to resist.

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