Botswana – Day 3 The Okavango Delta (Part 3)

In the last post, we were about to stop for a ‘coffee break’ on an island in the Okavango Delta.  This post picks the story up during the coffee break, which as always in Africa was taken in a very civilised manner.

Okavango Coffee Break

Part of our island.

Picnic Island

A nice spot in the shade.

Okavango Coffee Break

Although we were on an island, we still needed to remember that the delta is full of wild animals, and that we had no vehicle to retreat to in the event that a dangerous animal turned up.  This fact was easy to forget as it was so peaceful and some of us did wander maybe 30-40 metres from the coffee table and consequently were chastised by the guides.  The photo with the termite mound was such an occasion.

Termites and us – On an island in the Okavango Delta

After coffee it was back on the water for the mokoro journey back to the camp.


This elephant gave us a good view of his backside as he climbed up onto a reed covered island.  He soon disappeared completely from sight.  This gives weight to the notion that there is a lot more wildlife there than meets the eye.

Elephant in Okavango Delta
Mokoros return to Pom Pom Camp

Back at the camp, we were of course late for lunch, due to our late start.  This sign, pinned to the notice board in the dining area, amused everyone.

Love Africa!

After another excellent lunch, though I can’t remember what it was now, we had time ‘at leisure’ as they say.  We couldn’t go back to Kasane yet anyway, as our pilot had ‘gone fishing’, so we sat and admired the view and the ‘local’ wildlife.

View from the Pom Pom Camp

A Pied KIngfisher also admiring the view, or more probably watching for his lunch.

Pied Kingfisher – Ceryle rudis

A Pygmy Goose drifting past.

An African Jacana wandering through the lily pads.

African Jacana – Actophilornis africanus

A Burchell’s Glossy Starling hopping around the camp.  The iridescent blue of this bird is beautiful.

Burchell’s Glossy Starling – Lamprotornis australis

And another unknown Dragonfly.

Dragonfly – Pom Pom Camp

Here comes our pilot, back from his fishing trip, so we should be off to Kasane soon,

Our Pilot coming back from fishing

but only after he has presented his catch to the staff of the camp for supper tonight.

Offerings to the Camp Staff

One aircraft ahead of us, kicking up a good old cloud of dust, and then it is our turn to take off.

Part 4 of this day’s story will be in the next post.  Please come back for a look.

The beginning of the story can be found here.

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