Fisheye Fun – 4

This shot of Portland and the Harbour were taken from the Nothe Gardens in Weymouth.  I guess that it would have been better if I’d had a ND Grad, but there we are.  I thought about cropping the burned out sun out of the frame, but I don’t think that the composition would have worked.  I suppose that I should have tried a hand held HDR bracket (yes, no tripod with me), but I don’t think that I originally thought the image would be worth it.  I now think that maybe I was wrong.

Portland from The Nothe

Weymouth Speed Week – 7

This is it!  The last 16 shots from Weymouth Speed Week.

I hope that some of you have had time to follow the links that I put into my last post on the Speed Week.  If not, then it may be worth it, because these links show how Speed Sailing has evolved since 1972.  In those days, Speed Sailing was dominated by large multi-hull boats, but today Kite Surfers and Sailboards have taken over.  Crossbow I had an overall length of 60 ft, and did not rely on ‘planing’ as today’s contenders do, instead working on the principle that a higher length to breadth ratio would do the business.  This worked, with the Sailing Speed Record being set at 26.3 knots in 1972.

Here are the last few photos from this series.

Thanks for sticking with this series, particularly if you’re not really interested in sailing or ‘boarding’.  I might revisit the subject one day but there will be something different for the next post.

Weymouth Speed Week – 6

Sorry, but this series has stalled a bit while we were away for a short break.  We’re back, so I’ll bore you with a few more of the multitude of shots taken during the Speed Week.

In the last post of this series. I provided links to the Weymouth Speed Week website, where a lot more information on the event could be found.

I have still more images for a couple more posts but, you will be glad to hear that I am nearly finished.

While I was poking around on the Speed Week website, I was reminded of some of the boats that were competing for the Sailing Speed Record back in 1972.  In those first few years, large ‘multihull’ boats dominated the competition  In that year, ‘Crossbow I’ took the record with a speed of 26.3 knots.  ‘Crossbow I’ was built in a ‘proa‘ configuration and was 60 feet long.  A photo of ‘Crossbow I’ can be found at Dave Culp Speed Sailing, together with photos of some of the other boats from that era.  If anyone comes across any other images of this boat, I would love you to let me know.

Just one more post should finish this series.  I hope you will check it out.

Weymouth Speed Week – 4

And still more shots from Weymouth Speed Week.  Previous posts can be found here, here and here.  It is probably best to view them as a slide show by clicking on the first image and then clicking through them.

I’m afraid that I am still going to post a few more from these Speed Trials.  I do understand that they may not be to everyones taste and might be a bit sameish.  Don’t worry.  I will run out of images eventually.  I’m short of time today, but hopefully I will be able to say a bit more about Weymouth Speed Week before I finish the series.

Weymouth Speed Week – 3

As threatened, here are a few more shots from Weymouth Speed Week.  Previous posts can be found here and here.  It is probably best to view them as a slide show by clicking on the first image.

Sorry, but there are still more to come.  Show me your stamina.:)

Portland Bill – Bike Trials 3

Today, it is the turn of Neil to have his Bike Trials skills featured.  Of the three lads that I photographed last Saturday, it is Neil with whom I have been corresponding and embarrassingly, when I look through my images for that day, I find that I have far fewer shots of him.  I’m sure that this isn’t due to anything other than my own inability to look in three directions at the same time, and I can only apologise.

Some of Nick’s and Bo’s skills are shown here and here.

There will almost certainly be more posts of this shooting session in the future.  If you are interested, then please come back for another look.

Portland Bill – Bike Trials 2

Portland Bill – Bike Trials 1 showed a young man called Nick practising his Bike Trials skills on the large rocks in the area.  In this post it is the turn of one of his friends Bo, to demonstrate his ability in this sport.

I’ll show some shots of Neil in the next post.  Please come back and take a look.

Portland Bill – Bike Trials 1

Last Saturday, while Dee was shopping in Weymouth with her friend Susanne, I headed for Portland Bill to take a few photos.  It was a lovely day, which made me think that Spring had arrived.  The downside was clear blue skies, which were not ideal for photography.  When I arrived, I started with a few regular shots of the area but I wasn’t inspired.  I was about to give up and move on, when I spotted three young men riding bikes over the large rocks in the area west of the lighthouse.  I watched them for a few minutes and thought that just maybe there were a few photos to be had.  Having asked whether they would mind I started firing off a few frames. Their names were Neil, Bo and Nick, and they were practising the skills needed for the sport of Bike Trials, much like the Motorcycle Trials that I used to watch when I was much younger.  The idea is that the only thing that should touch the ‘ground’ when riding over obstacles is the tyres of the bike. I was impressed and spent a while firing off about 150 shots before realising that I needed to go and collect Dee and her friend.  Rather than bore you with a whole series of shots in one post, I’ll pick just a few at a time.  Sometimes things were happening so fast that I had trouble keeping up and framing correctly.  None of the shots were posed. First a couple of shots showing Nick getting some air under his tyres.

There will be more posts in this series so Bo and Neil will have their time.  Please come back and take a look.

Two Lights

This is another shot from Maine.  It was taken from a spot on the rocks near to the Two Lights State Park, just south of Portland.  It’s not far from the Portland Lighthouse, seen in an earlier post.

Out to Sea
Tourists looking out to sea from the rocks close to the Two Lights State Park, Maine

I think what took me about these rocks, was their similarity to some of the slate found in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where we had recently enjoyed a short holiday.  I haven’t really captured the rather wild elements of the weather that can be found here, even though it was quite breezy.  If you look closely though, just to the left of the couple on the rocks, you will spot that the image is a little blurred.  It wasn’t a camera problem.  It was actually a mist caused by the spray blowing off the crests of the surf.  Honest!

Maybe I will manage to get a few more images from Pembrokeshire posted soon.  One, of St Davids Cathedral can be found here.

More images of Maine can be found under Recent Posts or by using the search button.

Thanks for visiting and please come back when you can.

Wind Power

I seem to have seen quite a few photos of Wind Turbines recently.  I find their statuesque form to be very attractive.  At the moment, we don’t have any large wind turbine arrays nearby.  However, we do have quite a few smaller turbines, and these do have one characteristic not seen on the large turbines.  This is the ability to introduce motion blur into a photograph at hand held shutter speeds.

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