Sculpture by the Lakes

Sculpture by the Lakes is a landscaped park in Dorset, owned by Simon Gudgeon, who is a well known British contemporary sculptor.  This park provides a showcase for his work.

Last Saturday I was able to spend the afternoon there with Dee, and our friends Susanne and Ed.  I did, of course, try to take a few photographs.  The weather was cold and dry, but I still found it quite difficult to produce the quality of photograph that I wanted.  I’m going to put it down to the cold freezing my poor old brain.  Still, it was a useful opportunity to, hopefully, learn from my mistakes.

I haven’t been able to find time to post, or visit blogs recently.  I’ve got a little time available today so I thought that I would post a few photos from that afternoon, even though I wish they were better.  Any artistic value in these images should, of course, be attributed to Simon Gudgeon and his wife, Monique, who is responsible for the gardens in which the Sculptures are set.

Here is a ‘gallery’, best viewed as a slide show, by clicking on the first image and then using the carousel.  I hope that these images may inspire you to visit Sculpture by the Lakes.


A visit to the Sculpture by the Lakes site will provide details of this excellent Sculpture Park as well as some images which are much better than mine.  I’m looking forward to revisiting the park soon, to try to improve on these shots.



Vietnam – Hue to Hoi An 3 – Marble

After visiting the Museum of Cham Sculpture we moved on to see still more sculpture.  These statues were, however, not nearly as old.  In fact, we visited one of the many Marble Statue Shops in the area.  I’m sorry, but I can’t remember the name of the business now.  There are many of these shops, stemming from the proximity to The Marble Mountains, though I believe that the marble is now sourced from elsewhere.

Many of the statues would have looked good in our English gardens, and would have been good value at the prices asked.  Sadly, that sort of excess baggage would have been out of the question on our return flights.  Of course, they offered to ship their products to the UK for a fee, which would have rather reduced their ‘good value’.  Never mind, I took a few photos instead.

I also took a few of the marble textures and some ‘work in progress’.

We certainly crammed a lot into this day so far.  We haven’t had lunch yet.  Our journey to Hoi An continues after lunch, initially with a visit to a silk making factory.  Please come back to have a look.

Vietnam – Hue to Hoi An 2 – Museum Of Cham Sculpture

En route to Hoi An, we passed through Da Nang, where we visited the Museum of Cham Sculpture.  It was too crowded to get good photographs.  Though nothing special, the following photos serve to give an idea of the content of this museum.

A little more information on Champa Art can be found here.

The journey to Hoi An will continue in the next post of this series.  Please come back and have a look.