Frigiliana Doors and Windows

Doors and windows!  Am I alone in my rush to photograph attractive doors and windows whenever I see them?  I don’t think that I am.  Well, our visit to Frigiliana this year, which prompted posts here, here and here, found a few for me to shoot.  There were many more.

While we were walking through the back lanes of the village, the faded flower being used to decorate this window caught my eye.

Door & Windows 1

The blue door to No 37.


Green door, what’s that secret you’re keepin’?

Door & Windows 3
Door & Windows 4

No 43.

Door & Windows 6

No 28.

Two doors and a window.

Door & Windows 7

Here, it was the passageway leading to the door in the inner courtyard that caught my eye.

Frigiliana 4

This was such a pretty little entrance yard.

Frigiliana Front Yard

The last two images were also in earlier posts.

I don’t think I have quite finished with Spain yet, so please keep a watch.  Thanks for looking.

Some Spanish Sunshine 2

In an earlier post, I included some photos from the area around the villa that we stayed at in Andalusia, near Frigiliana.  The real reason for choosing this area for our holiday was that we had heard that Frigiliana was a particularly pretty village.  I certainly attracts its fair share of tourists because it is known for its narrow cobbled streets and white houses.  Our visits tended to be during the evening, when we set out in search of good eating places, so we were not troubled by crowds of tourists at all.  I hope that this post does show what a pretty place it is.

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Frigiliana Chimneys

There is another post from our recent holiday in Frigiliana on its way.  This will contain a series of colour photos, continuing the theme of ‘Some Spanish Sunshine’.  Our visits into Frigiliana were generally in the evening, as the light was beginning to warm up a bit, but before the ‘Golden Hour’.  The white houses, for which Frigiliana is famous, generally still look pretty white in my photos.

I also had a shot that I had taken later, of some chimneys, when the sun had actually dropped out of sight from this part of Frigiliana.  As a result, the scene was beginning to look a little too blue to me.  I wondered whether I could find a B&W treatment that would improve it.  I fiddled around using Topaz B&W and after trying various presets and tweaking them around a little, I prefered this variation to the bluish tint of the colour image.  It is a white house but I think it looks better grey, than blue.  To me, it looks right.

As it doesn’t fit the ‘Some Spanish Sunshine’ theme, here it is, alone.

Frigiliana Chimneys B&W

A little Sol

In my last post, I said that I had just been away for a week on the Costa del Sol, and that we did have some Sol.  This isn’t always the case when we decide to have a week away from the British weather.  This post is just to prove that the sun did indeed shine, as well as test whether I have been able to reconnect my blog to my Facebook account.


This shot is of the lighthouse at the coast near Torrox.  Although I quite liked the ‘wavy’ railings, it is really to show that the skies were clear.  The con trail of the airliner heading home from Malaga airport was an added bonus.

Since we did have a good week away, I may well post a few more images from the Costa, and surrounding countryside.