Attempts at ‘Street Photography’ – 1

Frankly, ‘street photography’ terrifies me.  That’s why I haven’t posted much which could be considered of this genre.  Last night was the judging of the 4th of this seasons Camera Club competitions, and the topic for ‘prints’ was ‘street photography.  Oh happiness, or perhaps more accurately, oh hell!

I didn’t have much expectation of success, particularly because I hadn’t been able to take any street photos especially for the competition.  This had left me rummaging around in my archives for some images to use, and there wasn’t much there.  I had some, which I really classed as ‘travel’, so I dismissed them, only to find that an image which I would have put in that category earned a place in the results.  Live and learn!  It was a great image anyway.  In the end, I entered a couple of images which I had taken at the Bemondsey Street Festival, a while back, one of which has been seen on this blog.  I wasn’t hopeful.

The one which I had published in a previous post, in colour, I printed in black and white for this competition, thinking that it might give more of a ‘street’ feel.  The judge said that he wished that I had printed it in colour.  Live and learn!  To be fair, the image was a little lacking in street ambience, and I did prefer it in colour myself.

The second image that I entered, was of a girl singer, performing in the street.  I’d always liked the image, but it did have a few too many distractions in it.  I have a very limited Photoshop ability and was unable to get rid of the distractions properly in the time that I gave myself.  Always last minute when producing for a competition!  In the end, I cropped it heavily (not appropriate for ‘street photography’), and entered it anyway.  There were some particularly bright distractions in the background that I hadn’t noticed until I had printed it.  They fell just in front of the singer’s face and did spoil the picture, having similar tones to her face.  The image would never have made it in this competition because of the tight crop, and failed as I suspected that it would.

It spite of what I have just said, the judge for this competition was excellent, and made some very valid points about all of the images entered.  I certainly learned from the experience.  After all these words, here is just one image for this post.  It is a further rework of the Street Singer, and I still quite like it.  I have now managed to tone down the distractions a bit.

Girl singer at the Bermondsey Street Festival
Girl singer at the Bermondsey Street Festival

Lyme Regis – Tough Guy!

A rubbish photo, snapped on the Cobb in February, on a day when the sun came out for a while.  It was a nice day, but still pretty chilly.  I confess, that the couple was decapitated because I snapped the shot without raising the camera from my side.  I thought that I would post it like this, because the young man might, in later life, end up being embarrassed if he was identified.  His young lady was much more appropriately attired.  I’m not a fan of ‘flip flops’ at best, and the damaged cobbles in the Cobb (see a future post) will have made this footwear potentially hazardous for this outing.  I hope he didn’t hurt his toes!


Still, this vision may help us think of Spring, which should be here soon! 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone.

The Bermondsey Street Festival 2011

Last weekend, Dee and I went up to London to visit the Bermondsey Street Festival.  We did this partly to support our son Greg, who had been a member of the organising committee, with responsibility for the event website, where you can see all the good things that were going on.  With Bermondsey Street closed to traffic and things going on in the square and the park, as well as three music and performance stages, I have to say that it must have taken some organising.

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