Pembrokeshire – 3

The third image in this Pembrokeshire series (also see here and here) is also in the Carew area.  This photo shows both the Castle and the Tidal Mill at Carew, but this time they are not really the subject of the image.  We had arrived at our  rental cottage about an hour and a half before sunset on a clear day, so as the forecast for the next few days was awful, we decided to have a quick local walk and finish by trying to capture a sunset over the estuary.  This was the best I could manage.


The weather didn’t cooperate.  The clouds rolled in from the west, obscuring the sunset.  Wait for the sun to light the overhead clouds is the usual rule for photographers.   We waited and waited, but this didn’t happen either as the clouds dispersed before they became high enough in the sky.  I haven’t cropped this to ‘letterbox’ as I usually tend to, because I quite liked the expanse of twilight blue.  If you look closely, it is possible to see a couple of wispy clouds in the top third of the frame, but they didn’t light up orange as I had hoped.  They were just too thin.

Pembrokeshire – 2

As we were walking back from the Tidal Mill shown in Pembrokeshire – 1, I spotted an Egret and a Heron, busy fishing in front of the castle.  I knew that they would get a little ‘lost’ in the frame, but there was a pleasant foreground, so I grabbed the shot anyway.


The Egret is in the centre and the Heron is off to the right.  They seemed quite happy to be sharing the fishing.

Postcard Shot of St Davids Cathedral

I’m sorry that I’m not posting, reading or commenting much at the moment, but I am enjoying a brief visit to Pembrokeshire to get over suffering my first septuagenarian birthday.  Suddenly I feel very old!

St David’s Cathedral

This shot is just to prove that am still here and taking photographs.  Hopefully for a bit longer.

St Davids Cathedral

St David’s Cathedral (B&W)

St Davids Cathedral in B&W,

Take your pick between the colour and monochrome versions.

There is no O2 mobile reception here and the internet connection at our accommodation is very slow.  The break is great though.