My name is Dave Battarbee.  I’ve dabbled in photography throughout most of my adult life, mainly with the aim of recording our children and family events. When I retired, my wife and I started to travel a bit more. This triggered a renewal of my interest and I fully entered the world of digital photography. Over the last few years, my interest has developed to the extent that photography has become somewhat of a passion.

I still have a huge amount to learn about all aspects of this art. Although wildlife and travel photography are dominant interests, I do still like to try my hand at all fields of photography.

I hope to use this blog to document, and maybe share, if anyone is interested, some of my photography over the years. Initially, I plan to cover some of our more recent travel experiences, but I will also be including other ‘bits and pieces’ of my photography.

If you are interested, please take a look at my musings.

I also have another site at Dave Battarbee Photography, where I am progressively building galleries of some of my favourite images.  This site can be reached from this link, or via ‘Dave’s Other Site’ in the menu.

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  1. You seem to have the knack for what makes a blog. Now change a few words in your musing every day for a week – change a few, add a few more keep adding for one week and Google will recognise that you’re a busy site and your blog will very quickly rise to the top of the list in google searches.
    Adding new posts three times a week also makes you apperas busy.
    When you add photos make sure you tag them, ie:- Africa, desert, mud hut, elephant etc try to aim for about 8 to 10 tags with each photos


    • Thanks Keith. Google picked this up after just 4 posts, which was a surprise. I had it in mind that too many tags were bad form in blogs, but I’m not sure where I got that idea. I will add a few.


  2. Hello. Nice to meet you.I came from Bercton’s blog.
    Your flicker’s photo is awesome and wonderful.
    I’m glad to know the person who knows Cuba because I don’t know the country at all.I like something new.Thank you for your continued help.


    • Nice to meet you as well and thanks for looking. Please keep an eye on the Cuba series. There is more to come, although there may be a delay for a couple of weeks before the next one. May I suggest signing up for a subscription then you will get an email when I post.

      I have had a quick look at your photos and intend to have a more thorough look when I have more time. From what I saw, much of Japan is very beautiful.


    • Thank you iltana. All I can say, is that I love your images a whole lot more than I like my own humble snapshot efforts. Unlike you, I’m not much of a photographic artist. My earlier comment about your blog was sincere. Hopefully, I may be able to find artistic inspiration from you. Thank you again.


  3. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for taking some time and visiting my blog. My wife and I are currently retired and enjoying every moment by traveling and I taking pictures which I have done most of my life. For the past few years I’m more dedicated to bird photography and that keeps me busy finding new locations and travel some more. I hope that you get as much satisfaction of your retired new life as I do! 🙂


    • I very much enjoyed my visit your blog. My wife retires in March and will then want to travel more. Hopefully that will yield more photographic opportunities. At the moment, even though retired, I seem to have trouble finding time for photography. There is so much that needs doing. If I am honest, retirement has brought an awful disorganisation to my life, that was not allowed when I was working. I do still enjoy it though. I will watch your blog with interest.


    • Thank you. I’m honoured by this nomination, but sadly I’m afraid that I have to decline it, purely because I don’t have time to take the steps required if I accept it. I am really sorry, but I believe that I should give priority to trying to maintain this blog as well as continue with my photography, not to mention the other tasks that life brings to me. Thank you anyway.


  4. Nice to meet you. I also have a category on my blog called musings. What a coincidence. Anyway, hope you enjoyed Vietnam then. Very nice photos by the way!


    • Hi. Thank you. Nice to meet you as well, particularly because you are Vietnamese. I hope that I don’t make too many blunders in my posts. My excuse will be my age, my memory and the fact that the tour was two years ago. Plus it was a fairly intensive tour, and in some ways a little superficial. We enjoyed it a lohttps://bananabatman.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-formt anyway.


      • 🙂 It’s almost as if you sussed I was fishing for your camera type. 😉
        I do some volunteer work with a local Community Arts group, where I mentor in photography. Sounds a bit grand but really it’s me chaperoning somebody recovering from mental illness while he takes photographs. I’m always astounded at the quality (if not the content) of the images his Olympus produces. They always had and continue to have impressive glass by the look of it.
        All the best.


      • Maybe to give Olympus a bit more credit, I should add some notes about my gear to the blog. I didn’t think to do this when I started as I didn’t know whether I would get any readers. I chose Olympus for its compactness and, at the time, price. Thanks again for your interest.


    • Hi Sallyann. Thank for following my blog. I don’t actually live in Weymouth, but I’m not far away so spend a reasonable amount of time in the area. If you’re interested, there will be a few more posts on Weymouth and Portland soon.

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