Wiscombe Park – 4

In my first post about last weekend’s Hillclimb at Wiscombe Park I admitted that my previous visits to that venue had been about 50 years earlier.  I noted how little things had changed over that period.  I can’t really remember, but wonder whether the timing system caravan might have dated from that era.  I’m sure that the timing system itself is much more up to date, but by the look of it, the caravan could have been around when I was last there.  I was impressed by how well, and how quickly, the times were presented to spectators all the way up the course.

Timing Caravan
Timing Caravan
Timing System
Timing system

Does anyone know when the caravan was installed?

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I’m afraid that I have always been a bit lazy when it comes to carrying a tripod, and since we were expecting to be walking for a while, I made no exception to this rule on this occasion.  We were walking with friends in the Teign Valley Gorge, when we came upon this weir on the River Teign.  I thought that I had to try to capture the water movement and, for a moment, regretted not being a committed photographer who would have thought nothing of the extra weight of a tripod on his back.  Still, I had to have a go and this is the result.  The water was going to be blurred anyway!


Olympus E-520 with ZD 12-60mm at 20mm ,ISO 100, 1/10 sec at f22.

Castle Drogo

Last Thursday saw us take a stroll, well maybe a bit more than a stroll, with some good friends around a circular trail in the Teign Valley Gorge.  I’m not sure of the distance walked but there was quite a lot of altitude change and we were walking or resting for about four hours in total.  We were very lucky with the weather with a good deal of fairly warm sunshine, in fact it was just about ideal for walking. Continue reading