Indoor Model Helicopter Flying

Never let it be said that I don’t post a variety of material on this blog.  Some of it is OK stuff, and some of it demonstrates that I am still on a photographic learning curve.  This post falls into the latter category. 😕

Last Monday, members of the Camera Club were invited to take some photos of indoor model aircraft flying at a local Sports Hall.  Thanks go to Mr Jan Bassett for arranging this opportunity.  In the event, only a couple of club members turned up, but this did mean that there was plenty of room for photography.

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Those Magnificent Men 5 – Thank goodness for the BERP tip.

Thank goodness for the BERP rotor blade tip on this Merlin Mk 3.  The extra bit of chord at the tip was just enough to obscure the evening sun, and prevent lens flare in this photo taken at the Merryfield Open Evening in June 2010.

Merlin Mk3

A close up of the blade tip can be seen  in an earlier post here, together with a link to a little about the BERP programme.

Those Magnificent Men 4 – BERP not Burp

No men in this picture, which is actually pretty abstract.  There were, however, many Magnificent aerodynamicists and engineers from both Westland Helicopters and the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), involved with the design and development of the series of BERP (British Experimental Rotor Programme) rotor blades eventually to be productionised for Lynx (BERP III) and Merlin (BERP IV) helicopters.  This blade tip was seen on a Merlin Mk3 displayed at the Merryfield Open Evening in 2010.


The previous post in my ‘Those Magnificent Men’ series can be found here.

Those Magnificent Men 2 – Shall We Dance?

Back from a short break, I thought I would continue the ‘Those Magnificent Men’ series.  This time with a couple of shots of the Royal Navy ‘Black Cats’ Lynx display team showing their flying skills at Yeovilton Air Day in 2009.  It’s easy to pick holes in the quality of the photos, but not with the quality of the flying. Continue reading