Welcome to the home of Dave’s Photo Musings.

I’ve dabbled in photography throughout most of my adult life, mainly with the aim of recording our children and family events.  When I retired, my wife and I started to travel a bit more.  This triggered a renewal of my interest and I fully entered the world of digital photography.  Over the last few years, my interest has developed to the extent that photography has become somewhat of a passion.

I still have a huge amount to learn about all aspects of this art.  Although wildlife and travel photography are dominant interests, I do still like to try my hand at all fields of photography.

I hope to use this blog to document, and maybe share, if anyone is interested, some of my photography over the years.  This includes some of our more recent travel experiences, as well as other ‘bits and pieces’ of photography.

If you are interested, please take a look around the site.

30 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi DB
    I found you . Almost a full time job to produce this amount of stuff, I shall be joining you here as soon as a few minor changes to my details are finalised.
    The site is as good as you recommended.


  2. Hi Dave–thanks for stopping by. Just checked out your site and a number of your Flicker photos, and your passion for photography clearly shows! I’m envious of your Cuba trip…actually signed up for one in December but had to cancel, but soon one of these days. I hope you continue to enjoy your journey and express your creativity in the blogging world–there are so many out there with similar interests, passions! Best wishes, L PS–blogging through WP is so easy; I love their tech support.


    • Hi Lauren. Thanks for looking at mine, and your kind comments. Being new to blogging, I have struggled a bit with getting my head around it. That’s partly age though. Being new to it does mean that I have quite a lot of fairly recent travel that I can blog about retrospectively though. That’s good practice for me. After another couple of posts on Cuba I hope to move on to a trip to Zambia and Botswana, where I will bore people with wildlife photos.

      Thanks again for visiting my blog. I will be keeping an eye on yours. Regards, Dave


      • Oh, I’m envious and will be following your African adventures for sure. I went to Botswana 7 years ago (with a P&S as slow as anything) and it was amazing. L


  3. I will argue with you saying that you are not an artist or a philosopher. On both counts your blog proves otherwise with the quality of the photography and the commentry which combine to tell a solid story.
    You should be pleased with your efforts, I enjoy what you do.


    • Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      I do enjoy what I do as well, and I’m pretty happy with my efforts, otherwise I wouldn’t carry on. The fact is, however, that I am an engineer, not an artist and this lack of artistic talent can be a bit of a handicap when it comes to producing original images. I do struggle a bit with this, but I will keep trying. I guess that I’m just a bit lazy when it comes to philosophy. I enjoy solving real world practical problems, when I can, but I can’t be bothered with anything a bit ‘airy fairy’. Sorry, ‘airy fairy’ is probably not the right words.

      Let’s leave it at that. Please keep looking at the blog. Who knows, maybe some artistic talent will emerge in time.


  4. Oh how exciting to be able to travel and take such wonderful photos! Looking forward to doing it myself someday. Will follow with interest your photographic journeys. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting Dave. Happy trails.


  5. It is clear your passionate about photography. Where energy goes results show, this is a law of nature. So, put a little time and effort into understand the rules of composition and go have fun. The art will follow.

    Having looked at your work, I think you know more than you think.


  6. Hi Dave,
    As another retired engineer, frequent traveler, and a recent amateur photographer, I’m glad to have found your site. I also recently got back from Africa (South Africa) and had a great time with my camera – your trip was obviously a great experience as well! I think we also have one more thing in common – my wife is Dee – I think I saw somewhere that you have one of those also….

    Have fun! I’d be glad to share experiences as we both follow this new hobby.


    • Hi Scott,

      Good to meet you to. You are right, I do have a Dee who enjoys the holidays (sorry, vacations, we are Brits) and puts up with my camera. We also love Africa, having done South Africa, Namibia and Zambia/Botswana (3 trips). We want to go back to possibly Kenya or Tanzania next time. We may travel a bit more after Dee retires next March. I’ll keep an eye on your travels with great interest. Dave


    • Thank you Helen. Since I liked my original header of Havana Women, I left it on and used it on ‘random selection’ with the one with the elephants on the Chobe River. Sorry, but that means I don’t know which you prefer. Thanks anyway and have a Happy New Year.


    • Hi Jo. I’m flattered and thank you for this nomination. You may have noticed that I was a bit ‘befuddled’ (possibly just invented this word) by the Versatile Blogger nomination, and ended up declining it ‘cos I couldn’t work who were the best people to nominate. I think this one is a bit easier to handle, so hope that I will be able to accept it gracefully. I will need a few days though before I can deal with it because other non blogging chores need a bit of priority at the moment. Thanks again and watch this space. Now I feel bad about the other one though. Dave.


  7. Hi Dave, nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your supportive comments. I would hope someday to travel and see more of the world. In the mean time, I have the pleasure to visit through your beautiful photos. 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind comment Emily. I have enjoyed your posts for a few weeks now, and am sure that I will continue to do so. My wife and I are at a stage of life now, where we need to get the travelling done before we get much older. Posting about past trips has the benefit that it gives me a chance to relive those holidays again. With that in mind, I hope to continue with the posts and hope the readers don’t get too bored.


    • Hi Adrian. I’ve been fine. Dee retired in March, which meant more travel and holidaying, plus it’s been a busy time of year. It’s good to be back and reading all the good stuff being posted. I doubt that I will be able to catch up with what I have missed though.


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