Cuba Libre – Passing through Havana again

Chapter 5 of the journey will be brief.  This includes just a few snaps taken on our way back to Havana, and local to our hotel in Havana, for our overnight stay before travelling on to Cienfuegos on the next day.

Horse and cart transport.
Fairly typical apartments.

This looked like family transport to me and I guess this was a refuelling stop.  This picture also reminded me that it is not unusual to find a horse drawn wagon in the fast lane of a motorway in Cuba.

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Cuba Libre – Ernest Hemingway and The Tropicana

This is Chapter 2 of the story of our Cuban Tour. We had one more day in Havana before we left for the Vinales Valley.  This gave us the opportunity to visit Finca Vigia, the home of Ernest Hemingway in San Francisco de Paula, just outside Havana.  The house is now a museum in his memory.  There were not that many tourist visitors, however they still managed to get in the way of the photo opportunities.  Here are a few shots just to prove that we were there.

Front Doorbell at Finca Vigia

The front doorbell at Finca Vigia.

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Cuba Libre – Havana

Back in February this year, we went on a touring holiday to Cuba.  I thought that I would try to make a brief photographic story of this tour, my first attempt at ‘blogging’.

The tour started with 3 nights in Havana.  It then moved on to the Vinales Valley for 3 nights before returning for a single night in Havana en route to Cienfuegos.  After 3 nights in Cienfuegos, we travelled via Santa Clara to finish our holiday with a 4 night stay in an ‘all inclusive’ hotel in Varadero.  I’ll break the story into instalments as I get the photos sorted.

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