Abstract 4

Maybe not really an abstract?  My excuse for posting it is that I took the shot during our Club ‘Abstract’ evening.  I have also very much changed the colours, using ‘colour temperature’ and ‘saturation’ in Lightroom.  I think this makes the image pretty well conform to the definition of abstract photography.


I hope you approve.


10 thoughts on “Abstract 4

  1. Nice one. I think there’s a lot of mileage in working with glass.

    (My old art appreciation tutor suggested that it was not possible to create an ‘abstract’ from a photograph of an object as such – without some application of distortion – possibly camera movement. What most of us photographers label ‘abstract’ she said these were ‘abstractions’ – which all photographs are. From my point of view, one shouldn’t be able to recognise the original subject in the ‘abstract’ – for instance in this case, the side area of the bottle in the foreground, which shows the stripes of colour would be an interesting way forward?)


    • Thanks Stephen. I do understand your reservations about whether the image is really an abstract. I share them. I tossed it in since some photographers do seem to accept that some degree of recognition is acceptable. I probably went a little too far here, but it may promote some discussion.


  2. Hi Dave – I don’t think this is an abstract at all because, as has been said above, the subjects of the shot are clearly identifiable >>> but I do think its any absolutely great image – I love it – both in terms of the way you’ve portrayed the bottles, and in the lighting you’ve got on the background, which is darker on the right. Good stuff! Adrian


    • Thank you Adrian. I never really thought about this as an abstract, as I suggested in the first sentence. I included it in the series, mainly because it doesn’t really represent reality, and of course because I quite likes it. Thanks again. Dave.


  3. Don’t care what you call it…….it’s a powerful image, and not at all easy to bring off. Like the strongly contrasting colours and the choice of background and the lighting thereof makes this special, also control of dof and the sparkle of light on the glass. Nice.


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